Guest Blog Posts

SAANZ is proud to feature a collection of guest blog posts written by members of our student community.

Rough Guide to Sociology Conferences by Bruce M. Z. Cohen

With another successful SAANZ conference behind us (thank you Otago!), I thought it an appropriate time to reflect on the wonders of these sociology events, along the way making some personal and potentially libellous observations on my fellow attendees (let’s hope so...

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The Tyranny of Distance by Stella Pennell

According to Split Enz, it didn't stop the cavalier, so, paraphrasing now, why should it stop the PhD student? My university life started around about the same time I left Wellington; by all accounts a perfectly good university town with a choice of universities to...

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Little progress toward a fairer justice system by Luke Oldfield

While we wait for Winston Peters and whatever combination of populist inspired social regression he brings to Government, I lament how little progress has been made in creating a fairer justice system in Aotearoa / New Zealand. In our most recent election campaign the...

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Living Wages and Fictitious Labour Markets by Naoise McDonagh

One of the most important global social movements to emerge over the last number of years is the movement for a living wage. The idea of a living wage is simple, stating that nobody should have to do any type of work for poverty-inducing wages. Unfortunately this...

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Pacific Feminist by Moeata Keil

I went to a presentation a month or so ago about Pacific feminism and was surprised to hear that many Pacific women, and Pacific people more generally, do not readily identify as being ‘feminist’. I thought hard about this idea, wondering why many Pacific people would...

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