SAANZ President

Trudie Cain

A huge thank you to Trudie, who has now completed her term as SAANZ President. Trudie approached this role with the same compassion and humility she applies to everything. She oversaw various changes to how the association operates, including implementing a portfolio system for the executive to ensure consistency moving forward. Trudie was also a member of the organising committee for last year’s conference and supported the day-to-day running of the association. 

All the best for your next chapter, Trudie. We appreciate you! 

Bruce Cohen (University of Auckland) will commence a term as president in February 2024. 

Kalym Lipsey

In the interim (until Bruce’s term starts), Kalym has agreed to step into the presidency role. He has been an executive member for six years and during that time has managed the development and running of the newsletter, membership database and website. Kalym brings with him knowledge of SAANZ processes and policies and looks forward to this new challenge.

You can reach Kalym at