Sociology in the 21st Century:
Wellbeing, Engagement and Sustainability

November 24th to 26th 2021
Lincoln University

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Past Conferences

2020: The 2020 SAANZ Conference was postponed. Go here for a statement from SAANZ President Avril Bell.

2019: University of Auckland

Keynotes: Professor Ian Buchanan, Professor Roger Burrows, Professor Raewyn Connell, Professor Peter Flemming, Professor Beverley Mullings, Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith

2018: Victoria University of Wellington

Keynotes: Professor Tracey McIntosh, Professor Gregor McLennan

2017: University of Otago

Keynotes: Professor Patricia Hill Collins, Professor Ghassan Hage 

2016: Massey University

Keynotes: Professor Michael Carolan, Steve Maharey

2015: University of Waikato

Keynotes: Dr. Michael Flood, Max Rashbrooke

2014: University of Canterbury

2013: University of Auckland

Keynotes: Professor Tracey McIntosh, Imogen Tyler


2011: Victoria University of Wellington


2009: Massey University

Keynotes: Hugh Campbell

2008: University of Otago

2007: University of Auckland

Keynotes: Professor Michael Burawoy, Professor Barry Smart (Reference:

2006: University of Waikato

2005: Eastern Institute of Technology

2004: Victoria University of Wellington

2003: Auckland University of Technology

2002: University of Canterbury

2001: Massey University

2000: University of Waikato

1999: University of Auckland

1998: Eastern Institute of Technology

1997: Massey University