2023 Exceptional Service: Cluny Macpherson

Congratulations to the recipient of the 2023 SAANZ Exceptional Service Award.

Throughout his many decades in the discipline, Cluny has been a tireless advocate for Māori and Pacific sociology, commencing at a time when this was barely a consideration. His work was pioneering in that he was early to situate working with rather than working on Māori and Pacific communities as a central part of his sociological praxis. Cluny has also had a career long commitment to capacity and capability building with emerging Māori and Pacific early career researchers. This has been amply manifest in his teaching, research, supervision and mentoring. He has been a role model and source of inspiration for countless students (and academics!), and it is fair to say that the discipline in our country today has been shaped by him in very significant ways. His personal attributes are the most memorable. His compassion, humility, and significant gifts as a storyteller, raconteur and acute observer of life endear him to colleagues and students alike.